Lady Gaga Was 'Spontaneous' On 'Judas' Set, Norman Reedus Says

Judas himself opens up to MTV News about the just-released video.

When Norman Reedus, who played the title character in [article id="1663425"]Lady Gaga's "Judas" video[/article], stopped by the MTV News offices Friday (May 6), he told us Gaga had everyone on their toes on set -- in the best way possible.

"I like the lipstick part, because that was sort of last minute," the "Walking Dead" star said. "She just jumped up [and was like], 'I have this great idea. I'm gonna put lipstick in front of you, and right before you kiss Jesus, I'm going to pull out this gun, and I'm gonna pull the trigger, and then a lipstick's [gonna come out], and then I'm going to put it on you like I'm enabling the kiss!'

"She looked at me like, 'Is that cool?' " he continued. "And I'm like, 'Rad.' And we did it. I liked how she was so spontaneous."

Reedus' other favorite scene is the opening shot, where Judas, Mary Magdalene (Gaga) and Jesus (Rick Gonzalez) are all on the road with their biker-gang disciples. "We got there the first day, and we all took motorcycle lessons [in a parking lot and] one of the disciples trashed his motorcycle up against the curb, which was hysterical," he recalled. "So we did that, and then they cut off part of the freeway and actually cops would fly by us and section off the road. So we rode in a pack."

While Gaga didn't actually have to drive one of the bikes, he said her stunts were quite awe-inspiring. "She wasn't driving the bike, but she was riding on the back. ... We were flying down the freeway, and she got up on the back ... and was way off the back of the seat and hanging backwards and stuff," he said. "Which was a daredevil move; it was pretty intense. She had all these jewels all over her, and every once and a while, you could see behind her bike just a trail of jewels dropping on the freeway. It was kind of magic."

Since Reedus has had about 24 hours to think about the video, he said it gets his seal of approval. "My reaction when I saw it? I was excited to see my motorcycle in it first off, 'cause that's my bike that I ride, and I thought it was really good," he said. "I thought that [article id="1663388"][co-director] Laurieann [Gibson][/article] did a really good job and Gaga did a good job, and I know there's a lot of work put into it, and I could see all the work on the screen, so I liked it."

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