'Teen Mom 2''s Bar Arrested At Ashley's Graduation Party

Find out what happened after cameras stopped rolling

Ashley was "happy to be done" with her associate's degree; to celebrate the accomplishment, Holly's mom hosted a graduation bash with her loved ones during tonight's Teen Mom 2 season finale. But the party, to mark Ashley's "monumental achievement," did not end after cameras wrapped for the evening.

"The MTV crew left the party at 9pm," a message read as the episode was ending. "Later that night, police received a call that gun shots were fired. No injuries were reported. Bar was arrested for willful discharge of a firearm in a negligent manner."

But before this latest legal setback, Bar gave Ashley an update on his pending DUI case.

"I've been speaking to my lawyer. I have to serve 15 days in county [jail]," he told her before the party.

"Goddamn, they dragged this out," Ashley said. "They could have told you this a year ago. I'm so disappointed because you've been doing so good; it's like you never know when your karma is going to come and just f*ck you up."

How will this recent arrest affect his case? Watch Ashley and Bar address their inaugural Teen Mom 2 season during Part 1 of the reunion next Tuesday at 8/7c.

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