15 Reasons Why Lily-Rose Depp Is Just Like Us

So what if she's a model and an actress and has a super awesome dad? She's one of us!

By Kim Proschka

Chances are that when you were 15, all you wanted to do is hang out with your friends, discuss your latest celebrity crushes, watch TV and avoid doing your homework. Chances are also that you are currently 15 years old and doing all of these things as we speak. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.)

But attending a major fashion show in New York? Probably not on your list of day-to-day activities -- which can mean only one thing: You probably aren’t famous celebrity offspring, like Kendall Jenner or, let’s say, Lily-Rose Depp, who attended Chanel's 2014-2015 Métiers d'Art Collection last week.

But even though she has starred in two movies, one of which will be released later this year, Lily-Rose’s social media suggests she’s leading a fairly normal teenage life... as normal as your life can get if you are Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp’s daughter, of course.

So, we’ve conducted hours upon hours of extensive research (a.k.a. social media stalking) to show you: Lily-Rose Depp, she’s just like us!

She hangs out with her besties ...


... and her puppy.

Again: duh.

She takes #mirrorselfies in the bathroom.

No shame.

She obsesses over Harry Potter.


The power of Harry’s spells knows no bounds.

She cuddles with stuffed animals.

AND she gives them names.

She rocks out to One Direction.

It’s good to know that even celebrities aren’t immune to the charm of Harry Styles.

She reads teen magazines.


Honestly, we don’t even need to see those quiz results to know she is indeed as confident as Selena.

She plays dress up.

And conducts séances … ?

She does chores.

If this doesn’t make you happy, we don’t know what will.

She gets temporary friendship tattoos.

Could it be that Daddy Depp is … strict about tattoos? *gasp*

She has posters of her favorite celebrities on her wall.


Even though our bedroom poster choices certainly weren’t nearly as sophisticated as Marilyn Monroe …

She practices to be prom queen.

Not that she really needs the practice.

She needs multiple alarms to get up in the morning.


The struggle is real.

She snapchats weird selfies.

Don’t tell me you’ve never done this.

She hangs out with her dad.

See? SO normal, you guys.

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