Snooki And Deena Bring 'Team Meatball' To 'Jersey Shore'

"We're just little girls getting drunk and having a good time," Deena tells MTV News.

There have only been a few episodes of "Jersey Shore", and already season five has been filled with [article id="1677144"]hook-ups[/article], [article id="1676895"]arguments[/article] and some serious drama. But what has the cast been missing since their return to Jersey? Meatball problems.

Snooki and Deena formed Team Meatball during season four in Italy. We saw the duo take numerous falls on the cobblestone streets of Florence, expose certain body parts while dancing in clubs and even lock lips. Now, it seems that meatball problems may be traveling to the states.

Following [article id="1677235"]Vinny's shocking departure[/article] on last week's episode due to his [article id="1677284"]battle with anxiety[/article], Snooki and Deena will mourn the only way they know how: getting into trouble.

"I would say in Jersey, Team Meatballs really did what we had to do." Deena told MTV News recently. "We had so much fun. I think some of the best memories were with Nicole -- just being Team Meatballs, running around and being silly, and that's us."

But Deena said she isn't too fond of the bad reputation that she and Snooki have developed due to their sometimes outlandish behavior. She promises that they're just looking to have a good time.

"We're so harmless, and I hate when people are like, 'Ugh, they're terrible,' " Deena said. "No, actually we're just little girls just getting drunk and having a good time. We never hurt anybody. We really are harmless, and we're like little flies that you're like, 'you're annoying,' you know? So I love Team Meatballs."

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