The 21 Most Magical Moments From Louis Tomlinson’s Cinderella-Themed Ball

Louis and Liam Payne became real-life Prince Charmings for charity.

It’s a dream many One Direction fans have dreamt before: the boys they love pulling a Prince Charming and sweeping them right off their feet.

On Monday night (Aug. 10), that fantasy became a reality for a group of special, deserving and beautiful children who attended the Believe in Magic Cinderella Ball, a charity event hosted by Louis himself. The ball benefitted Believe In Magic, a charity founded by terminally ill teenager Meg Bhari that aims to bring happiness into the lives of other seriously and terminally ill children.

By all accounts, the evening was — for lack of a better word — magical. The National History Museum in London was transformed into a Cinderella-themed wonderland, and attendees were treated like real royalty. Luckily, all the sweet splendor was documented for us to swoon over, so without further ado, here are the 21 most incredible moments you need to see.

Louis brought a few special guests with him, including his One Direction brother-in-arms Liam Payne, who was suited up and looking perfectly princely.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images


Louis also escorted his mom, Johannah Deakin.

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The stunning, picturesque venue basically looked like a castle.

Inside, the hall was decked out in candles and twinkling lights.

All the little girls were dressed up like royalty.

The princes and princesses made the grandest, most regal entrance.

Louis gave a heartfelt speech in which he praised Believe In Magic, calling it “totally inspiring” and “absolutely incredible.”

Ben Haenow, the winner of last year’s “X Factor” competition, performed an acoustic set.

He even serenaded a lucky little princess.

Liam and Louis had a bidding war and Liam lost…

…so he had to get his face painted.

And this was the adorable end result.

Niall Horan donated a signed guitar, which Liam auctioned off.

Harry Styles also donated one of his shirts (hopefully one of his crazy printed ones!), and this lucky girl got to take it home.

Louis took a bunch of cute pictures with the kids.

He was basically their Prince Charming.

Liam also shared the love.

Even the U.K. prime minister tweeted about the amazing event.

Directioners all over the world tweeted about how proud they were of Louis.

They also thanked his mom for raising a stand-up son.

And when the night ended, Louis reflected on the “fantastic” night.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: it’s generous acts like this that’ll make Louis a stellar parent, and we’re happy to see him spreading so much magic and joy to those who need it.