Robert Pattinson Is 'A Great Lad,' According To Pierce Brosnan

'He's got his head on his shoulders,' Brosnan says of the 'Twilight' star.

The rabid fans with their cell phone cams and ear-splitting screams. The frenzy over a rumored [article id="1626304"]run-in with a moving taxi cab[/article]. The daily perils and pleasures of working in the Big Apple. As all this by-now-familiar madness surrounded [movieperson id="365131"]Robert Pattinson[/movieperson] on the New York City set of [movie id="376279"]"Remember Me"[/movie] last year, co-star [movieperson id="7881"]Pierce Brosnan[/movieperson] couldn't help but want to shield his fellow actor.

"I play his dad and there's a part of you, as a dad -- you feel protective toward the fellow," Brosnan told MTV News.

Even the man behind four James Bond films had a hard time processing the fan and paparazzi circus that surrounded the production each day. "It was really bizarre," he told MTV News. "We were filming in Central Park South and the caravans are there and mine was very quiet and sedate and I'm reading my book and having a nice cup of coffee. Down the other end was Robert with 6,000 girls. I've never encountered such a thing."

Brosnan would make his way from his trailer to set, waving to fans and reveling in some of the attention that still comes his way after years of portraying the world's most dapper super spy. Then RPattz would arrive.

"By the time I walked up the steps of the plaza, he'd be coming up behind me and there'd be this cacophony, this blistering sound barrier of girls," he laughed. "They just love him to bits and he's a great lad."

The older actor credited the younger one with taking an active role in his career, moving from simply acting to also producing -- a move that Brosnan said should lead to a long and successful stay in Hollywood. "He acquits himself really well and he's got his head on his shoulders," Brosnan said. "He's an executive producer on this movie and so, grace under pressure, he'll move right through this period and have a great time. Just enjoy it. Give a little, get a lot."

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