Shawn Mendes Wants You To Unlock His New Single Early: Here’s How To Do It

Are you ready for your missions?

So remember when we told you that Shawn Mendes' brand-new single "Something Big" was dropping on Monday, November 10?

Well, get ready for this because Shawn, being the good guy that he is, is giving you a chance to get his single early, but it's up to you to make it happen.

Shawn Mendes_Something BigV2

Shawn is challenging you to three different missions, and the first begins right now. Start tweeting using the hashtag #GetSomethingBigNov7, and make sure you do it a lot, because you need to reach 1 million mentions. Once you hit your goal for the day, Shawn will post a Vine teaser of the song Tuesday morning.

But of course you'll want to hear more of the track, and in order to do that, you have to keep those tweeting fingers going. The second mission begins on Tuesday, Nov. 4 with Shawn challenging you to mention the same hashtag, #GetSomethingBigNov7, 1.5 million times, which will result in yet another snippet of the song from the Vine star.

And finally, on Wednesday, Nov. 5, be on the lookout because the "Life of the Party" singer will be announcing the details of the final mission on his website

Shawn, who was just announced to be joining Taylor Swift for the North American tour dates of the 1989 World Tour, recently told us all about his "upbeat" first single off his debut album, which sends a positive message to his fans.

“The song was written on our tour bus over the summer, and it’s meant to be a very positive song about good things happening to people, I don’t want to give away too much, but the title definitely describes the concept and sound of the song,” Shawn said. “When we wrote it, it just felt right because it really speaks on how things have happened so fast for me, and how in general good things can happen to anyone if they just stay positive.”

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