No, Liam Payne Didn’t Aggressively ‘Shove’ Louis Tomlinson Onstage

Liam responded to the fake feud in the best possible way.

With One Direction’s impending hiatus getting closer and closer everyday, you might think that fans are spending their days weeping and wallowing in misery. But in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

See, before the boys part ways to embark on their own exciting solo projects — whatever those may be — there’s still A LOT to look forward to! From their remaining On The Road Again Tour dates to the Nov. 13 release of their fifth album, Made In The A.M., there are plenty of 1D memories and milestones still to come.

Which is exactly why Directioners — and the guys themselves — have zero time to entertain any ridiculous gossip or fake drama about the band feuding or fighting. On Monday (Oct. 5), Liam Payne fired off a couple of tweets shooting down a rumor that he and his bandmate Louis Tomlinson got into a heated onstage scuffle during their OTRA show in Manchester the night before.

Liam shared the link to a Heat World blog post entitled “This video of Liam Payne shoving Louis Tomlinson on stage is REALLY shocking.” The page embeds a Vine from a concertgoer who caught the moment when Liam gave Louis a little push during “What Makes You Beautiful.”

If your reaction to the footage is anything like ours, you’re probably thinking, “THAT? That’s what everyone’s so worked up over?!” Not only was this “shove” totally harmless, but it was also par for the course for a 1D concert. Anyone who’s ever seen them live before knows they’re a group of fun-loving friends who like to goof off and mess around with one another on stage. This is not breaking news.



And that’s exactly the sentiment Liam echoed when he tweeted about the debacle, chalking it up to “friendly banter” and sarcastically commenting, “HOW DARE I HAVE A JOKE WITH A FRIEND.”

It’s also worth mentioning that during their Manchester show the night before, Liam and Louis basically spent the entirety of “WMYB” having an epic water fight. Sooo it’s not far-fetched to imagine this was just Liam getting a bit of harmless revenge on his bud for the previous night’s shenanigans.

The moral of the story here? All is swell in LiLo land, so please keep your feud conspiracies to yourself. Mic dropped.



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