Pink Shoots 'Charlie's Angels' Role, Records Song For Soundtrack

Singer appears in motocross scene.

Not only is Pink contributing a song to the sequel of "Charlie's Angels," but she also just shot a cameo role for the flick.

The singer filmed her part in the movie on Wednesday in San Pedro, California, according to a spokesperson for Columbia Pictures. Pink pops up during a motocross scene, which is fitting, considering her boyfriend is motocross daredevil Carey Hart. The motocross sequence could be a key plot point, as one of the people the Angels are reportedly called in to protect is a 15-year-old motocross champion.

Pink isn't the only star to boast a cameo in the sequel to the 2000 hit movie (which itself was based on the hit 1970s TV show). Though none of the original TV Angels turned up in the first movie, this time around, Jaclyn Smith is making a cameo appearance, as are non-Angels Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu reprise their previous Angel roles, though they have a new Bosley in Bernie Mac. The film will also feature Robert Patrick, Crispin Glover, Luke Wilson, Matt LeBlanc, and Demi Moore as a former Angel gone bad.

As for Pink's song, it's slated as the first single for the soundtrack. Word was that it would also be the film's title song, causing conjecture that it would be called "Halo." Reps at Columbia Pictures, however, say that "Charlie's Angels 2: Halo" was only a working title and has since been discarded.

Shooting for the sequel started on July 31, with a release date scheduled for June 27, 2003.