A$AP Rocky Dissects 3 Of His Favorite 2015 Rap Albums

Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples and Future get props from Rocky.

LOS ANGELES -- A$AP Rocky looks happy.

He’s sitting in a green room, waiting for his turn to film scenes for Pusha-T’s “MPA” video. Fellow Mob member A$AP Nast and longtime mentor Chase Infinite sit on a couch while Rocky relaxes in a vintage barber chair.

Andres Tardio/MTV News


Before we begin our interview, he looks up at a rack of clothes and has an idea. He wants to throw on a “cozy” green Stussy robe. When he sits back down, he looks even more relaxed, laughing as jokes and smoke fill the room.

But Rocky’s happiness doesn’t just come from this; the state of hip-hop’s also got him smiling.

"People are actually making music with substance and content is coming back around,” he told MTV News. "Motherf—kers ain’t just making songs just to make ‘em no more. I think that kind of sh-t is tight.”

Andres Tardio/MTV News


During our time together, Rocky opened up about three albums that he feels fit that mold for 2015. The first two he talks about? Earl Sweatshirt's I Don't Like Sh-t And I Don't Go Outside and Vince Staples' Summertime '06.

"Earl and Vince always work close together so you can hear the similarity or you can hear why they’re paralleled," Rocky said. "It was more of just a West Coast vibe, but it was still dark and druggy, especially on Earl’s behalf. But the lyrical content, you can’t compare it. They’ve got their own styles and sh-t so it was just dope to get diversity and variety."

Andres Tardio/MTV News


Rocky got some more of this from Future.

"I f--ked with DS2," he said. That sh-t was hard. For me, Future is a student and a master within the game, within his own lane. He developed the sound of the South for a certain era. He did that singlehandedly. But, not only that, what makes him so complex and fascinating is that he’s actually still a student."

"'Slave Master' with him just giving love, it was like homage to A$AP Yams’ aesthetic," Rocky continued. "We talk about it all the time...I felt like everybody felt something when Yams died. I think that was the whole reason why Future decided to let [A$AP] Ferg direct the video for ‘Thought It Was A Drought.’...My favorite song on DS2 is ‘I Serve The Base.’ I don’t know why. The beat is just…That sh-t slap."

Rocky -- who said Tyler, The Creator's Cherry Bomb was also one of the year's best -- praised Pusha T's Darkest Before Dawn too. For more on that, check out this preview of Pusha and Rocky's upcoming "MPA" vid.

Rocky's own At.Long.Last.A$AP dropped earlier this year and he's now completing A$AP Yams' Cozy Tapes with notes that the late, great Yamborghini left behind.