New Video: Ca$h Out, 'Cashin' Out'

Ca$h Out's got them dollas in his latest video "Cashin' Out."

Back in the middle to late 2000s (which might as well be a century ago in internet time), there was no trend in rap music as divisive as the robotic, voice-altering Auto-Tune. Some thought it was the future; others said it was another nail in the coffin of rap creativity. It turned out to really be neither and seemed to fade out like most trends do. But just three short years after Etherboy, Ron Browz jumped the subgenre out the window, Atlantians Future and newcomer Ca$h Out are looking to turn 2012 into the year of the Auto-Tune revival with "Cashin' Out."

Watch Ca$h Out's "Cashin' Out" after the jump.

But what's different about Ca$h Out (and Future) is their addition of Auto-Tune doesn't feel like an afterthought. Unnecessary overuse is what ruined rap's first love affair with Auto-Tune -- everyone just started running their vocals through the computer whether they needed it or not. Although rap fans might not be the most nuanced, we can usually tell when you're not trying, and don't really appreciate it. I'm not talking about the self-aware not trying, though; French Montana gets a pass.

Below you can check out the video for Ca$h Out's "Cashin' Out," a song that'll soon be inescapable if you live anywhere near a city. And with a hook like, "I've got a condo around my neck/ I'm cashin' out," it really deserves to be. Ca$h Out's mixtape "It's My Time" is out now on LiveMixtapes for the price of "on the house." It's pretty effin' great.

+ Watch Ca$h Out's "Cashin' Out" video.

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