Carmelo Anthony To The Bulls? R. Kelly Puts His Plea In Song

He even got down on one knee for this.

After another disappointing season with the New York Knicks, Carmelo Anthony is now a free agent, and NBA fans are waiting with baited breath to see where he ends up. There's been lots of talk about him signing with the Chicago Bulls, and one Chi-Town native really wants to see it happen.

That'd be R. Kelly. And he's so desperate for Carmelo to sign a deal in his city, that he's offering White Castle meals and even a serenade.

During an interview with the Morning Riot in Chicago, Kellz went a little cuckoo for Carmelo. "I would love to see Melo on the Chicago Bulls," he shouted, completely unable to contain his enthusiasm. "I'ma get down on my knees baby, I would love to have you in Chicago my dude."

Melo, you should understand that this move would come with some additional perks, courtesy of R.Kelly. "Come to Chicago we gon' lay out the red carpet," Kellz continued. "I'ma take you to get some gourmet meals, start you off with some White Castle my dude. I'll even write you a theme song baby!"

A theme song and White Castle? Sold.

Watch this go down around the seven-min mark in the video below.

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