After Losing His Child, Wale Poured That Pain Into 'The Album About Nothing'

Wale opens up about lyrics on 'The Matrimony' and 'The Middle Finger.'

Wale promised that The Album About Nothing would be a deeply personal project, and the DMV rapper meant that wholeheartedly. Over the course of 14 tracks, he shares some difficult and troubling experiences that affected him while recording.

On “The Middle Finger” and “The Matrimony,” for example, he references a tragic miscarriage, which caused him to lose a child and left a permanent scar on his spirit.

And during an interview with MTV News ahead of his album release, Wale opened up about how it affected him, explaining that he was really looking forward to being a father.

“You get to a level, to a place in your life, where you’re ready for stuff like that,” he said. “I’ve accomplished a lot at a young age and I was ready for that peace. I’m mentally prepared for it. I’ve got so many friends with kids and I see the transformation it does for them. “

Wale explained that he’s dedicated so much energy to his fans and music in the past ten years, that he was finally ready for a new stage even life—and the shock of having it taken away so suddenly was incredibly jarring.

“You’ve got it in your mind and for that joint to be snatched away like that, it just took me on a downward spiral. I felt alone and nothing could take the feeling away,” he said.

“I was doing everything to try to run from facing what happened and it just wouldn’t go away. I lost my cousin and then that happened, back to back, and I just remember being up all night, taking whatever anybody gave in, in any random party in America.

“For about three months I just was blacked out,” he continued. “I was just not right at all. For three months, I was just going through the motions. I’d be out in public and I’d have sunglasses on, and I’d just be in another universe."

The MMG rapper pointed out that he’s one of the very few rappers in his peer group who still doesn’t have kids. And he even referenced a friend in the NBA who explained to him that, win or lose, he still looks forwarding to the consistency of coming home to his children.

“It’s just something that’s difficult, even now to think about it,” he said. “I give my fans all of me. My family and my fans [are] really all I have, and it’s not to really supposed to be like that. I’m supposed to have something else at this point in my life—to love me unconditionally and for me to love unconditionally, and I’ve never had that.”

Elsewhere on the album Wale describes his struggle with fame, and the anxiety he deals with after being in the spotlight for so long, and dealing with so much public criticism.

Watch the full interview above.

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