'NSYNC's Kirkpatrick Offers Peace Plan In Eminem/ Moby Beef

'They should just make fun of me,' singer suggests.

Chris Kirkpatrick didn't get his ass kicked, and he seems a little bummed about the lack of attention.

The 'NSYNC singer, for whom Eminem prescribes a whoopin' in "Without Me," said the solution to the Em/ Moby beef that flared up at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards is for the two of them to forget about each other and focus on him instead. Click here for the complete 2002 MTV VMA Winners List.

"I was [seated] in between them," Kirkpatrick said backstage afterward. "I just was quiet, I didn't want to get involved."

The uncomfortable face-off occurred while Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (see "Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Poops On Eminem, Timberlake") was interviewing Moby in the audience and started talking about the electronic artist's well-known feud with the Detroit rapper. As Triumph tried to take the issue to Eminem, Em and fellow rappers Obie Trice and Proof made it clear they wouldn't be talking to the hand (puppet). ([article id="1457262"]Click for photos of the top VMA moments.[/article])

"I love Eminem, I love Moby. Why can't we just be friends?" Kirkpatrick said. "They should just make fun of me."

But his lack of involvement in the night's most tense moment wasn't the only missed opportunity he was lamenting after the show. 'NSYNC were up for Best Pop Video and Best Group Video for their remix of "Girlfriend" featuring Nelly, and their "Gone" clip was vying for Video of the Year, but the group left with nothing (see [article id="1457256"]"Eminem Takes Home Most Moonmen From Video Music Awards"[/article]).

"This sucks. It was the worst [VMAs] yet," he said. "We didn't win anything. As joking as we make it, it kind of hurts when you go away empty-handed. You want to win. Everyone says, 'It's just an honor to be nominated,' but that's so not true. You want to win."

Still, he got to see bandmate Justin Timberlake perform live for the first time, which he called "unbelievable" (see [article id="1457257"]"Guns N' Roses Cap Night Of Spectacles From Diddy, Eminem, Timberlake"[/article]). "I'm just right behind him usually. Now I get to sit in front of him and watch. It was a good time. He's got a great thing going."

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