Pitbull On Punching Disruptive Fan: 'Natural Instinct Kicked In'

'Any time I see anything moving onstage, I'm cautious about it,' rapper says of incident.

When making it rain goes wrong, [artist id="1678002"]Pitbull[/artist] reacts. Amateur video of Pit onstage in Colorado recently hit the Net, showing the rapper punching out a fan. The scene starts with Pit entertaining the audience, when a man in the crowd started throwing money on the stage. Pit pulled the man onto the stage and he started throwing money in Pit's face, and Pitbull immediately knocked the guy down with a punch to the face.

"They don't show the whole clip of what happened," Pit told us Wednesday (May 27) of the video. "Before the song 'Bojangles,' I play a whole set and I only get three breaks. I was going into 'Bojangles' and this mutha----a had already made it rain, like, three times. He threw a gang of money in the air and I was scooting the money, giving it to the crowd. I didn't touch the money, but I was scooting it, giving it to the crowd."

Pit said he had enough and gave the guy a verbal warning from the stage.

"I told him, 'Look, dog, you already got three strikes. Don't make it rain no more. I'm telling you. I ain't gonna talk about it no more, I'm just gonna be about it. Don't do it no more,' " he recalled. "Boom, left it alone. I started 'Bojangles,' then about a minute later, he comes to the other side of the stage and throws money again."

From there, Pit actually extended his hand and pulled the man onstage.

"I'm bringing him onstage with no intention of doing nothing to him," he explained. "I'm bringing him onstage to say, 'Look, this the clown that's gonna f--- up your show. I'm getting rid of him. I'm letting y'all know right now. Don't nobody else make it rain.' When I bring the mutha----a up on the stage, he throws a wad of money in my face. When he did that, that's when natural reaction ... natural instinct kicked in."

Pit laid the guy out with one punch.

"No way, shape or form was that my intention. It was more like a reaction, self-defense," he explained. "Mind you, I've been in shows before and I done got hit with a bottle. Any time I see anything moving onstage, I'm cautious about it. You feel me? As soon as he threw that money, it was on from there."

The man was escorted out and the concert continued after Pit apologized to the crowd for the disturbance.

"That was the beginning of the show -- five or eight minutes into the show," he said. "I have a hour-and-15-minute set. ... He made me feel [wild] like I felt back in the day. I'm in a profession now. I'm here to entertain. ... I heard he was a fan and he drove from a long way. When I saw the video, I said, 'Hell nah. He knew exactly what he was doing.' In any country when you throw something in somebody's face, it's disrespectful. When I looked at the tape, you could see he did that and was waiting like, 'What now? Yeah mutha----a, I just threw a wad in your face.' "

Fortunately for Pit's fans, the incident hasn't slowed him down -- he has a slew of summer radio shows lined up for the next three months.

Pitbull's next album Rebelution is slated to drop later summer or early fall. The Miami MC just released the [article id="1612086"]mixtape Sh---in' on the Industry[/article].

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