Lady Gaga's New Tattoo Is A Lovely Monstrosity

New ink for Mother Monster.

Lady Gaga is into tattoos -- we already know this.

She once got inked live at a perfume launch. Then there was the time back in 2010 when she commemorated the release of Born This Way with a unicorn tattoo. After that, came the Artpop tattoo.

Earlier this summer, she even honored her brand-new collaborator Tony Bennett by getting a trumpet tattoo prior to the release of their joint record Cheek To Cheek, which debuted at No. 1.

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So the news that she's got another piece of ink comes as no surprise, but the fact that it's a delightful homage to her fans the Little Monsters is a new twist. It's basically a claw, but on Gaga it looks elegant:

Just in time for the creepy vibes of Halloween, she got a red-tinged claw right along the side of her back. It's a graceful—if chilling—new addition to her already ample collection of ink.

She shared the tattoo on Instagram and gave it the fitting caption: "#Monster4Life."

Before sharing the finished piece, she also posted some pictures of the tattooing process:

And of the artist, Eric Gonzalez, drawing the piece:

Gonzalez also posted a photo of his pre-sketched tattoo before it became a reality:

Oh and while it may not be permanent, Gaga's inky eyeliner game in this pic is also a work of art.

Never change, Gaga.

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