The New MTV Movie Awards Logo Is Here And It's Awesome

Artists Dabs Myla will be creating the new logo - and working on the set for the show.

With Reporting By Alex Zalben

Now that Oscar season is officially O-V-E-R, it's time to get the party started with the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, where winning is everything.

Hosted by fabulously funny Amy Schumer, this year's show is sure to be memorable, starting with the brand new logo. The MTV Movie Awards logo has gone through as many new looks as Madonna, but 2015's colorful, hand-painted emblem is definitely one of our faves. Take a look for yourself!

Dabs Myla

2015 MTV Movie Awards Logo

So who are the masterminds behind the adorable new logo? That would be husband and wife team Dabs Myla, a harmonious duo from Los Angeles by way of Australia.

Ian Campbell

Dabs Myla

Since moving to LA in 2009, Dabs Myla have brought to life their unique, buoyant characters, inspired by LA graffiti art and cartoons from the Golden Age of animation. Seriously, their Instagram is full of kinds of cutesy stuff we only see in our dreams. Dabs Myla also love to paint photorealistic interpretations of the cities around them. Such is the case with the 2015 MTV Movie Awards logo, which proudly boasts a colorful city skyline.

"We wanted to make something really bold and energetic that reflected our personal style as well as the classic aesthetic of MTV," the duo told MTV News. "We also wanted to have a few elements like the cityscape and moon that could reference some of the parts of the set design for the show, but broke them right down into graphic elements to fit the logo."

They also let us know that they got, "a lot of inspiration from looking back at some of the classic MTV logo designs from over the years."

And if that wasn't enough, the duo will also be working on the set for the show itself!

"We are really excited about the set design plans so far!" they continued. "We love working on installations and this one is going to be pretty epic! It's by far the largest installation we have ever worked on. The set is going feel like your transported into another world...A surreal city filled with strange happenings!"

And want to see how they made this amazing new logo? Check out the awesome time-lapse video, below:

And this isn't the first time we've checked out Dabs Myla's fab work... Here's when MTV Style checked them out on the set of the Best Coast music video for "Our Deal."

As for their own golden popcorn, if they could chose one category to take home? The answer was obvious.

"Best Kiss for sure," they said. "We have been practicing on each other every day for 10 years!"


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