Beyoncé Shows Off A Different Side Of Beychella In New Documentary Trailer

'Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé' comes to Netflix on April 17

In 2018, Beyoncé snatched wigs, hairlines, and lifespans with her destructive Coachella performance, dubbed Beychella. I say "destructive" because it eviscerated all expectations of her constantly shifting performance paradigm. It was a mesmerizing, glitz-and-glamoured look at what America knows about the experience of black students who attend historically black colleges. There was the bright, neon yellow that makes black skin glisten like fresh embers in a fireplace. A cavalcade of black berets with an accompanying militaristic level of restraint and focus where one could balance a penny on a finger indefinitely. Curvaceous bodies softly dancing to the startling crashes of ride cymbals.

Her history-making set — she was Coachella's first black female headliner — is coming to Netflix on April 17 with Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé. In the magical trailer released today (April 8), the legendary singer takes fans onto the stage of the performance and behind it, revealing the mindset, working atmosphere, and experience as it happened.

The trailer is cut at just short of two minutes. Maya Angelou's voiceover sets the stage as she speaks about representing her race, with shots of the preparation stage taking place. Grinning, youthful women get their hair done, with twisted knots and the buzz of clippers preparing them for the next step. Guys twirl drumsticks and dap each other, smiling. Dancers scream in the purest form of excitement, some masked. Blue Ivy even gets in on the road to Beychella; she sits in a chair with backup dancers, twirling her hair in a routine and she's a smaller, fiercer, reincarnation of her mother.

Then there's a crash of drums and cymbals and the performance night comes roaring back to view. Several of Beyoncé's captivating looks are captured in the span of seconds – ghostly, majestic silver, baggy hoodie and Daisy Dukes, shimmering dress and scepter – but she isn't the camera's focus. It's the stage. It's on Jay-Z's smile mid-performance. It's on the gyrating, hooting and hollering bodies of the band. It's on the experience.

This is also the first time that the entire performance will be available to see since its initial livestream in April 2018. Now's the perfect time to revisit the glowing performance if you've already seen it. If not, buy a helmet before April 17. The remaining hair on your head and eyebrows will blow away in the wind.

Take a look at the trailer up above.

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