North West Finally Lands A Solo Magazine Spread

If you can't sleep at night because you can't stop wondering when North West will land her first solo fashion spread, you'll be sleeping like a log tonight. It finally happened—solo and clothed Nori in a magazine. Is she the cutest and best-dressed baby on Earth? Survey says, "Yes."

It looks like Nori's first solo shoot comes courtesy of Carine Roitfeld and CR Fashion Book. Unlike her Vogue appearance, Nori is wearing clothes—and not just any clothes, I might add. She's wearing Chanel!

She has on a cashmere sweater with an asymmetrical placket, diamond earrings, and—to keep her pacifier safe, probably—a tiny quilted Chanel bag. She's grasping the chain like an old CC-certified pro—she's lost in thought, and yet, keeping a hand on her possessions. No one gets near Nori's Chanel, OK?

While this is only the first photo to emerge, we're crossing our fingers for more photos and more baby Chanel—seriously, there's nothing cuter, bye.

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