This Naked Guy Went On A Violent Rampage At A Oregon Hemp Festival

The totally un-chill dude even had to be sedated after police showed up.

Hemp festivals seem like pretty chill events, right? Gathering a bunch of people to celebrate marijuana doesn’t exactly scream “chaos.” That is, except when a naked, scary, wild-haired dude decides to wreak havoc by unleashing his inner Tarzan. Then, all hell breaks loose.

During a three-day hemp fest in southern Oregon, 27-year-old Timothy Seaux was arrested after beating on cars and getting into fights. Police arrived on the scene to find four people pinning the “naked and combative” man to the ground.

Josephine County Sheriff's Office


They were finally able to restrain him and take him into custody, but not before he reportedly kicked an officer several times and kicked the back of the patrol car repeatedly. Seaux was so out of control that medical personnel were called on to the scene to sedate him before high-tailing it out of there.


On top of his charges for first-degree criminal mischief and menacing, Seaux’s wild antics also earned him charges for assaulting a public safety officer and resisting arrest. Next time, someone might want to tell him that violent rampages at hemp festivals can probably be avoided by the very thing you’re there to promote. We're just saying.


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