Saba’s ‘Church/Liquor Store’ Kicked Off The Night With Quiet Intensity

The Chicago rapper brought a subterranean groove to MTV’s ‘The People's Playhouse’

Chicago hip-hop artist and Chance the Rapper collaborator Saba kicked off MTV's “The People's Playhouse” on election night with a quietly intense performance of “Church/Liquor Store,” allowing a much-needed respite from the persistent noise of the 2016 presidential race. And the fact that the song's low-key snaps and nocturnal groove were delivered by the 22-year-old Saba, one of the brightest young voices in hip-hop, was huge.

Back in April, Saba and Chance dizzyingly danced around the Windy City in their video for “Angels,” spreading an absolutely massive amount of glee and euphoria throughout the world. Tonight's performance, while less outwardly ecstatic, was just as needed — the perfect punctuation for the run-on sentence of this election season.

Watch the full performance, and tune in to MTV's election night special, “The People's Playhouse,” right here.