Ariana Grande's Fans Love Her Boob Rockets In 'Break Free'

Arianators have a lot to say about the alien-infested video.

Ariana Grande surprised everyone by releasing the video for her Zedd-produced single, "Break Free," last night, which caused Arianators to go into a frenzy.

The video puts Ariana right in the middle of an intergalactic space battle, where she shoots bad guys (sometimes with her boob guns) and sets trapped aliens free. Oh yeah, and Zedd DJs on a spaceship.

In fact, it's kind of WTF-worthy... The video's not exactly "Right There."

Fans loved the part where she does some anti-gravity posing

And that time she blasted rockets from her chest? Perfection.

Arianators admitted the video looked like it took a lot of work.

And claimed Ari deserves an award for it.

This fan went so far as to copy her close-ups, which were mostly sly smiles and winks.

The space theme was a definitely win.

The fact that Ariana didn't tell us when it was coming added to the surprise factor.

Some fans were even in tears...

Becky G already declared it her favorite!

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