Madonna Gets Lyrical Help From Gap Ad, Freezes For "Frozen"

Madonna's publicist confirms that two lines in the chorus of "Sky Fits Heaven," a song on Madonna's new "Ray of Light" album, are taken from a 1993 TV ad for the Gap starring poet Max Blagg.

Blagg's poem included the lines, "Sky fits heaven so fly it, Child fits mother so hold your baby tight." Madonna's song includes both lines, changing the first to "Sky fits heaven so ride it.

Representatives for Madonna say Blagg agreed to a deal where he was paid for the use of the lyrics, but gets no credit on the track. Blagg was unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, manufacturers of Magnetic Poetry -- those magnetic word bits usually seen gracing refrigerators and file cabinets -- are claiming that the Material Girl could have used one of its boxed kits to write "Candy Perfume Girl," another song off "Ray of Light.

An employee for Magnetic Poetry noticed the similarities between the lyrics for "Girl" and the words included in one of their products, and the company noted in

a press release that less than 4% of the song's words are not found in one of their poetry kits. A spokesperson for Madonna said the singer denied ever having heard of Magnetic Poetry.

At any rate, Madonna generally gets what she wants, even if it's not what she expected, and she recently talked with MTV Asia about the grueling shoot for her video for [article id="1442845"]"Frozen" [1MB QuickTime][/article].

Because the song is called 'Frozen'," Madonna said, "the original idea was to go someplace where it's really cold and where there's snow, and we were thinking of shooting it in Iceland. But then I thought, 'You know what, I'm going to be freezing. I'm going to be miserable, I'll be complaining all day, I'll be sorry that I ever chose a cold place. So I said, 'Let's do it in the desert, it'll be warm,' and it would be sort of the opposite, because even though you think of deserts as being hot, they're still sort of frozen in terms of there's no vegetation

and they're very desolate.

I thought that that would still work as a visual," Madonna continued, "but then we got there and it was like 20 degrees below zero, it was bitterly cold, and I was barefoot. I was barefoot for the entire video, and then it started pouring rain and everyone got really sick, and it just actually turned out to be a really miserable experience" [1MB QuickTime].

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