Best Grills Of 2012

This is it, folks. 2012 is coming to a close, so we're taking a hot minute month to count down all our top style moments throughout the year. So far we've dived into the best celebrity nail art, top fashion magazine covers, most awesome Instagram selfies, most memorable facial hair, and best band style—but we're just getting started! So sit back and relax as we reminisce about all our favorite style moments of 2012, will ya?

Sure, every season accessories manage to make a huge mark in the fashion world (see: that ridic Chanel hula hoop bag), but 2012 seemed to take a different turn in the accessories department. Instead of a celeb flashing their spendy bag on their shoulder, that dough has seemingly gone straight, well, to the mouth. That's right—athletes, rappers, and pop stars all wanted a piece of the gold grill action, so we've picked the best grills that have popped up this year alone. (Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the classic go-tos like Lil Jon, Nelly, and Lil Wayne—we're focusing ONLY on the fresh additions to the grill game.) Let's get into it!


Ryan Lochte holds a bronze medal next to his grills on Aug. 2.

Photo: Getty Images

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte wasn't known for just winning medals, but also for all the metal he sported in his mouth. His controversial platinum grill, which proudly displayed the American flag across his teeth, almost stripped him of his bronze, so we gotta give up for his unrelenting dedication to sport some seriously sparkly bicuspids. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!


Beyonce shows off her vampy grill in November.

Photo: Beyonce's Tumblr

Just when you think Beyonce has literally done it ALL, she snaps some sassy pics of herself sporting a vampire grill and puts us to shame. We peeped this pic on her Tumblr, where there's really no explanation behind it other than, well, a top knot and bangs just go REALLY well with some [insert your vampire movie/TV show guilty pleasure of choice here]-inspired diamond fangs. *shrugs* We ain't mad, and we actually think this is one of the best grills we've seen to date.


A$AP Rocky on Nov. 3 with a grill on top and Dec. 6 with a grill on bottom.

Photo: Getty Images

A$AP Rocky sports gold teeth on an (almost) daily basis, so of course we had to include the fashion-forward rapper in our Best Grills list. We love how he's always switching it up to keep it fresh—on the left, he decks out the top of his mouth in metal, while more recently he went for a more subtle approach by only sporting gold on the bottom.


Rihanna and her gold teeth on Sept. 11.

Photo: Splash News

Ever since Rihanna got custom grills for her "You Da One" video, she can't seem to get enough of her gold-adorned teeth. She was spotted out and about in September sporting her barely-there grill, which we LOVE. It's just a hint a gold, but not too over the top, which kinda, realllllly makes us want one, actually. I mean, how well does it go with her pale pink lipstick? PERF.


Lana Del Rey shows off a diamond-encrusted tooth on Feb. 8, while Ke$ha goes all-out gold on Dec. 3.

Photo: Getty Images

There's a shocking number of ladies already on this list, and we're about to add two more! Lana Del Rey and Ke$ha have shown off their simplified (but equally awesome) versions of decked out teeth with such finesse that we had a hard time choosing between the two. Lana opted for the tooth totally covered in diamonds, while Ke$ha went for the straight-up gold canine. Both pieces added an extra touch of sparkle to their look that we CANNOT deny.


Tyler the Creator sports braces on March 22.

Photo: Loiter Squad's Tumblr

OK, we know this isn't a grill PER SE, but we just wanted to show Tyler, the Creator sporting a mouthful of metal while shooting his sketch comedy show Loiter Squad. His version of grills is, well, braces, but how AMAZING are they paired with a newsboy cap, pink plastic glasses, a floral top and a light blue cardigan? SO. AMAZING.

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