The Secret To Harry Styles' Cute Face: Sheep Placenta

If you were hoping to unearth the secret behind Harry Styles' cute lil' face, look no further. While, let's say, 99.9% of it is good genetics, the remaining .01% can, reportedly, be chalked up to sheep placenta facial. OK, sure. Same. Totally.

According to Grazia Magazine, Harry has been visiting Louise Deschamps, an "A-list dermatologist and 'aesthetician'" in L.A., to get a gel comprised of stem cells from sheep placentas and, of course, gold flecks slathered on his beautiful face. What is a stem cell facial without gold flecks, y'know? (NOTHING, that's what.)

While the dermatologist's office promotes the facial as "an ideal anti-aging treatment," Harry, according to Grazia, gets them to keep his skin in check after months of touring.

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Harry Styles

The dermatologist revealed Harry "takes care of himself and loves the facials. He likes to look good and have good skin."

Coincidentally, I also like him to look good and have good skin, which is another reason we're meant to be. The evidence keeps piling up, you can't deny it any longer, H.

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