Marvel's Latest Superhero Is Part Of A Balanced Breakfast

With great fruit comes great responsibility.

Move over, Captain America, because here comes Captain Citrus.

Marvel has teamed with the state of Florida to give a superhero makeover to the Captain, who has been the spokes-orange for the Florida Department of Citrus (which is a thing) since 2011. Here's what he originally looked like:

And here's what he's like post-Marvel transformation:

Captain Citrus was born John Polk, a son of citrus farmers, and has to fight evil (and presumably Vitamin C deficient) mastermind the Leader. The AP reports that none other than Marvel Comics Creative Director Bill Rosemann weighed in, saying that the Leader gives him a choice, "Join me and we can take over the world. Should he betray his family and the Avengers?" (Spoiler alert: he doesn't.)

The Avengers? Yeah, they're in on this too. In the three planned digital comic releases, which will be available to kids across the country, Captain Citrus will fight alongside Iron Man and a bunch of the Avengers including Captain America - which will probably make for a little confusion on the battlefield, what with all the Captains.

But just what are Captain Citrus' powers? Well, he has solar pods on his hands that are charged by the sun, and can create citrus weapons to defeat his enemies. It's basically like Iron Man meets Superman meets Captain Planet, but way more suitable for a balanced breakfast.

With such a massive reinvention of the existing, more orange and less human Captain Citrus, Rosemann made sure that even in his new form, they could, "still stay true to the message of Florida citrus." Basically, drink your orange juice, kids, because it could give you citrus-based superpowers.

Considering how Marvel's universe is all connected, could it be too long till we see a Captain Citrus movie? After all, Robert Downey Jr. said he might not be back for "Iron Man 4," so the company will need a new, fresh, pulpy superhero to take his place. Thanos won't know what's hit him when Citrus gets through with him (literally, we're pretty sure he doesn't have orange juice on his home planet).

Hey, it's not that far-off from a talking raccoon and a tree who can only say his name, is it?

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