Beyonce And Blue Ivy Are Wearing Tiaras And Playing With A Baby Tiger In Thailand

Jay Z is NOT wearing a tiara. Nor does he look thrilled about aforementioned baby tiger.

If you haven't seen the pictures of Beyonce and Jay Z on vacation in Iceland by now, then do yourself a favor and go bask in this family's vacation glory. But because they are the royal couple of the music world, do you think Bey and Jay stopped at just one international vacation for the Christmas and New Year holidays? Nope, no way.

Instead, they continued on their trip across the world to a little place called Thailand.

It was in Thailand where Beyonce inexplicably donned this enormous golden crown and what appears to be full-on princess regalia:

Notice Jay remains in a fitted and a t-shirt.

Yet, things somehow became even more intense when Blue Ivy also got a tiara, and the entire Carter family helped feed a baby tiger:

Once again, notice that Hov is not super down with his proximity to the jungle cat.

Apparently Beyonce got tired of sporting her full regal apparel, and decided to go all Sandy from "Grease" to appease Jay Z's motorcycle dreams:

Oh sorry, I think that's just a Vespa after all.

Bey girl, love your sunglasses though!

To kick off the day? Beach + nap:

Don't mind me, I'll just be daydreaming of the day Beyonce finally realizes I am her BFF soulmate and invites me along to pet baby tigers and wear tiaras with her and Blue.

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