Lady Gaga Plans To Battle Her 'Monsters' During Monster Ball Tour

'It's part pop, part performance art, part fashion installation,' she tells MTV News of upcoming shows.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] has been describing her forthcoming [article id="1623879"]Monster Ball Tour[/article] as an electro-pop opera. The singer said her fans won't just be getting a concert, but her take on Broadway. Imagine [article id="1621395"]her bloody VMA performance[/article] taken to the next level.

"The basic philosophy of the show is theatrical," she said. "And that's what opera is -- it's an ostentatious, over-the-top interpretation of a story. So that's what pretty much my whole life is, but that's what the show is [also]."

She said [article id="1625058"]the tour's theme is evolution[/article], in a very literal sense. "I begin as a cell and I grow and change throughout the show," she said. "And it's also done in what now is becoming my aesthetic, which is, you know, it's part pop, part performance art, part fashion installation -- so all of those things are present."

The show, like her album re-release [article id="1623475"]The Fame Monster,[/article] out November 23, is all about battling demons. "It's a story," she explained. "It's me battling all my monsters along the way. I'm playing all the music from The Fame, all the music from The Fame Monster. And the stage that I designed with the Haus [of Gaga] is a giant cube that sits. Imagine you were to hollow out a TV and just break the fourth wall on a TV screen. It forces you to look at the center of the TV. It's my way of saying, 'My music is art.' "