'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World' Exclusive Clip -- Watch It Now!

Michael Cera faces off against Chris Evans in the scene, which premiered during the MTV Movie Awards pre-show.

Squaring off against seven evil exes is no small task, even if it's in the service of securing your place next to the girl of your dreams. But there's a reason Michael Cera's new film is called [movie id="384759"]"Scott Pilgrim vs. the World"[/movie] -- namely, that the sum total of his opposition adds up to more or less the equivalent of an armada of adversaries and, more than likely, a world of hurt.

And one of the fiercest foes Cera's Scott Pilgrim scuffles with is Lucas Lee, whose punches are packed with the panache of actor Chris Evans, who will soon be seen donning Captain America's red, white and blue cowl.

Audiences around the world just saw the premiere of an exclusive clip from Scott Pilgrim during the MTV Movie Awards pre-show, but check it out again right here. Following an introduction by director Edgar Wright, who brings the breakneck cinematography and brilliant sense of humor from "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz" to the comic book adaptation, the clip begins with poor Scott being introduced -- via a detour to the asphalt -- to his beloved Ramona Flowers' (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) ex-boyfriend Lucas (Evans). Lucas decks him with one blow, pausing momentarily afterward for a studio flunky to polish his clenched fist, but Scott is surprisingly resilient; getting back to his feet, he makes a beeline to let Lucas know he's not yet finished with him.

Instead of standing up to Lucas, however, Scott finds himself face to face with one of Lucas' stunt doubles, one of the guys he lets act in wide shots "when [he] feels like betting blazed in his Winnie," as Lucas puts it. The double summarily also lays Scott out, and as the love-struck pugilist stands up again, Lucas reveals that he doesn't just have one stuntman, but several. A spectacular battle erupts as skateboards and swinging punches fly through the air, with Scott more than holding his own until he gets a particularly powerful shot to the face.

Of course, you'll have to see if Scott survives when the movie arrives in theaters August 13.

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