A Second Helping Of 'Catfish' Awards: See The Best Freak-Out, Cryfest And More

Look back at the show's most memorable moments before the Season 4 premiere on February 25 at 10/9c!

There's no shame in splurging for special occasions, so why not make room on your plate for a little bit more "Catfish"?

The MTV show, which follows Max Joseph and Nev Schulman as they help online daters sort through confusing relationships, will debut its fourth season on February 25 at 10/9c. But before the guys (plus a few guest hosts) hit the road once more, we decided to take a look back at some of the show's most memorable moments.

One outstanding line has already proven to be a winner, and we've deemed a certain Catfish-reveal superior to the rest, but it's time to hand out some more hardware. Look at our next wave of award winners below, hang tight for a third and final ceremony and be sure to tune in to the show's Season 4 premiere next Wednesday!

Best Facepalm: Ramon

Gifting a girlfriend with flowers or candy is one thing, but wiring her thousands of dollars -- especially when you've never actually met her -- is another, entirely. Ramon admitted he was so in love with his cyber girlfriend Paola that he'd bought her a Wii, paid her phone bill and even given her his bank information. Sadly, though, it was all for naught, as "Paola" proved to be a character whose operator was named Loyda. Face, meet palm.

Best Freak-Out: Cassie

Cassie might still have whiplash from how quickly the rug was pulled out from beneath her. The reformed party girl was totally committed to finding out the truth behind her online boyfriend Steve during "Catfish" Season 2, but when her BFF Gladys came clean and admitted she'd cooked up Cassie's dream man, Cassie stormed off, dropped her purse en route to the car and delivered one hell of a scream.

Best Cry: Aaliyah

We've got to hand it to Aaliyah -- considering she was forced to face down the most unapologetic Catfish of all time, she handled herself pretty well. That said, the tears she shed after confronting Alicia could have made lakes out of craters, and we won't soon forget her many grimaces, which looked like the tail end of a Wong-Baker pain scale.

Best Hair: Elijah


Elijah might not have won Solana's heart during the show's third season, but he can at least take solace in the fact that his award-winning locks remain uncontested. Keep conditioning, bro!

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