War Vets Honored At Heroes Red, White And Blue Military Ball

President Barack Obama stressed in his inaugural address that their example of courage should be followed.

As they say in the biz, the show must goes on. And on the eve of President Barack Obama's inauguration, the Heroes Red, White and Blue Military Ball had to do just that.

Scheduled performers

[movieperson id="21681"]Jamie Foxx[/movieperson], [artist id="1000"]Nas[/artist], [artist id="1225988"]Josh Groban[/artist] and Tiki Barber ultimately did not appear, putting ball sponsors USO, TAPS and Citizens Helping Heroes in a difficult position. Nevertheless, adjustments were made and the night was a huge success, with performances by Parliament Funkadelic mastermind [artist id="4649"]George Clinton[/artist] -- who is renowned for his wild live shows -- [artist id="1215664"]David Banner[/artist], Memphis Gold and others.

"We can be so proud," Captain Angelina Carrera said. "We served our country with love and honor."

Carrera served in Iraq with her husband, Colonel Stephen K. Scott. He was killed by a mortar round in Baghdad last April. Carrera's remarks came during an intermission between performers Memphis Gold, Peter Paul and George Clinton in the historic Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C.

During [article id="1603090"]Obama's inaugural address[/article] earlier that day, the president stressed that American civilians should follow the example of men and women in uniform.

Staff Sergeant Calvin Linnette, who was wounded twice in Iraq, said Obama's remarks made him feel good.

"A lot of people today wouldn't join the military," he said. "A lot wouldn't dare join. But Obama sees the courage in us, he sees what we endure. For him to make that comment, about our service, it means so much. He understands what we sacrifice."

The sacrifice wasn't lost on the quickly organized group of performers, including George Clinton and Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, who stepped up to give America's heroes a show.

"This is an honor," Peanut of George Clinton's entourage said. "We don't say it enough. We don't say 'thank you' enough."

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