'Teen Mom 2' Tots Ali and Aleeah Partied 'Til They Were Blue In The Face At Mom's 21st Birthday Bash! [Photo]

Man, Ali and Aleeah look positively pooped!

While most young people spend their 21st birthdays getting messy at a bar, Leah Calvert of "Teen Mom 2" decided to ring in her first legal year by spending a fun-filled day with her twins, Ali and Aleeah. The girls had such a blast, in fact, that they were rendered completely incapacitated by the end of the evening -- and mom posted pics to prove it!

The trio ventured out to the circus for Leah's 21st, but between the excitement provided by the clowns, animals and a bit too much blue cotton candy, the little ones couldn't make it to the end of the night, falling asleep in their car seats with their mouths painted bright blue. "Ali and Gracie after the circus, hehe! #exhausted !!" Leah tweeted along with a photo of her tuckered-out tots. Those are sugar comas if we've ever seen 'em!

It may not have been a typical crazy 21st, but with a bunch of wild animals and two people passing out, at least Leah can't claim the celebration was entirely tame! 

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Photo courtesy of Leah Calvert's official Facebook page.