This Is How Leonardo DiCaprio Says Goodbye To His Girlfriends

See the hilarious (fake) exit interview process Leo's exes have to go through.

Though he’s a revered actor and activist, much of the public conversation surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio is focused on one of two things: his seemingly never-ending campaign for an Oscar and his playboy-esque dating life.

As far as that Oscar business goes, Leo’s actually making significant strides toward winning one of the little golden guys. His grueling, grunt-heavy performance in The Revenant has already earned him a Golden Globe, and he’s widely considered the frontrunner in this year’s Academy Awards race.

As for that dating thing, though... let’s just say Leo has a “type” and he sticks to it (twenty-something, drop-dead-gorgeous models, please form an orderly queue at DiCaprio’s door).

The actor’s reputation as a serial dater is the subject of a new spoof video from Mashable, which imagines the exit interview process that all of Leo’s exes have to complete before breaking off from him for good. Apparently, Leo needs feedback on his many flings, and for whatever reason, insists upon knowing if their sex life was more “Titanic, Body of Lies, Catch Me If You Can, or The Basketball Diaries.” At least The Revenant wasn’t an option?