12 'Lizzie McGuire' Outfits Hilary Duff Should Totally Re-Wear

Hil should hit Lizzie's old closet and bring back these gems, too.

Hilary Duff's "Lizzie McGuire" days might be long gone, but she's not afraid to draw an item or two from her oh-so-fashionable former counterpart's infamous wardrobe from time to time.

Case in point: Duff recently channeled her tween Disney days when she sported a pair of denim overalls out and about. And she proudly called herself out for the borrowed throwback look, too, by posting this Instagram pic of the then-and-now side-by-side.

Way to own it, Hilary.

Back in the early '00s, every young girl aspired to the Lizzie McGuire fashion standards -- whether it meant rocking a messy up-do with butterfly pins or even, gasp, sporting a pastel pleather jacket with platforms.

Some of the stuff she wore, looking back, was pretty ridiculous. But there were actually a lot of looks that she could definitely still pull off.

Like this nerd-friendly baseball-sleeved tee.


Outfit - Lizzie McGuire Safety-Pinned Comic Shirt

There's so much win going on with this fashion-forward shirt. First, there's the fact that she's rockin' the comic strip; then, there's the fact that she added a slice to the top then safety-pinned it for the heck of it.

And this studded jean jacket.


Outfits - Lizzie McGuire jean jacket

The embellishment detailing here is fierce. Bring it back, Hil.

Hilary could definitely bring back the colorful camo look with this top.


Outfit - Lizzie McGuire Red Camo shirt

Not to mention, animal prints.


Outfit - Lizzie McGuire Animal Prints

This a trend that came and went, and we're ready for her to bring it back again.

And she could totally rock this polka dot blouse right now.


OUtfits - Lizzie McGuire Polka Dot Shirt

Dots are timeless, so this is still so in. (Cute boy accessory optional.)

If anybody could make the frill sleeve work again, it's her.


Outfit - Lizzie McGuire Frilly Shirtseams

That material might not have held up well in the wash, but it was so cute (and comfy)!

Meanwhile, this arty print shirt? Adorable.


Outfit - Lizzie Print Shirt

If we could, we'd buy one of these in a minute because it is stylin'.

This whole look is totally working for us right now.


Outfit - Lizzie McGuire Belt

Are bootcut jeans making a comeback? If not, Hilary should make them come back.

This look belongs in the present.


Outfit - Lizzie McGuire Patriotic pants Long Sweater

It's been a while since pant legs were decked out with so much embroidery, and these are making a good case for the revival of that trend.

And this kilt.


Outfit - Lizzie McGuire Kilt

It really speaks for itself. Bring it on, Hilary!

THIS SKIRT. This skirt is seriously everything.


Outfit - Lizzie McGuire Poofy Skirt

Since halter tops are back in full force right now, this should be too.

Two words: Unicorn sweater.


Outfit - Lizzie McGuire Unicorn Sweater

This is hip beyond and we want it to reappear ASAP.