Diddy Lends 'Extra Spice' To French Montana's 'Shot Callers'

Diddy joins Rick Ross, Montana and Charlie Rock in new clip for 'Shot Callers' remix.

Nobody does a remix like Diddy -- at least according to his Bad Boy protégé French Montana.

The New York MC brought in his boss and big brother Rick Ross to make the video for his new "Shot Callers" remix.

Montana gave props to Ricky Rozay for reporting to the video set on his birthday, saying it's that kind of sacrifice that motivates him to work hard.

"You know, that's what I'm saying. That's motivation for anybody out there. When you got the hottest cat in the game, on his birthday he's coming to work," Montana said.

For his part, Ross said watching some of his original rap mentors motivated him to be the best. "When we was coming up watching, you know, even if it was Rob Bass in the silk sweat suit with his chains on and the suede Ballys, that motivated me, you know what I'm saying? So that's what we do," he says.

Both rappers can be seen on set, dressed in all black with thick gold chains and rocking to the Lords of the Underground "Funky Child" sample along with Charlie Rock and the clip's chief creative officer, Diddy.

"You know Diddy, man -- when he jumps on the track, he just gives it the extra spice, you know what I'm saying?" Montana laughed. "Definitely shout out to Diddy. He gave it that energy. You know, Diddy, he's the number-one best dude you want on your remix. Diddy's on the remix, the remix ... you know what I'm saying?"

"His talk is priceless," Ross said, co-signing the collaboration. "When you get Puff to touch that record, it's priceless."

Diddy predicts the remix video and song -- which Montana also remade recently to honor new Super Bowl champs the New York Giants -- are gonna be huge.

"You'll see, you know, this video all over the air, you'll hear it all over the radio stations," Diddy said about the clip. "And then from there, that's, you know -- especially with new hip-hop artists -- that's their dream to be able to get that shot and you know how to facilitate that shot."

An air date for the new clip hasn't been announced.