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The Boys Of 'High School Musical' Reunited And I’m Screaming

The boys are back!

Get ready to bust out those High School Musical CDs, because three of the film series' main stars just reunited in New York. Zac Efron and Lucas Grabeel watched their old pal Corbin Bleu tap dance his heart out in the new Broadway musical, Holiday Inn, based on the award-winning 1942 movie of the same name.

The boys attended the show last night (October 4), but Efron didn't share the reunion pic until today. His hashtag, #theboysareback, made me explode from nostalgia and now I need to lie down for a bit.

Grabeel shared another pic from that night of the trio chillin' on stage — JUST LIKE OLD TIMES. “Just a couple of wildcats on a #Broadway stage,” he captioned. “@corbinbleu killed it last night in #HollidayInnMusical! @ZacEfron So much love for these guys.”

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go rewatch the trilogy STAT and sing along to High School Musical 3: Senior Year's “The Boys Are Back.”