13 Things That Need To Happen At The 'Friends' Cast Reunion

Oh. My. God.

As Monica Geller would say, "nagging works!" 'Cause, guys, we are finally getting that "Friends" reunion we've been begging for (????) and we could not BE any more excited.

Sure, it would've been so much more Chandler dance-worthy if we were talking about a full-on character revival thing, but getting all six members of the Central Perk Squad -- Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer -- back into one room at the same time is definitely a start in the right direction.

The possibilities are endless, but we've got some ideas for how it should go down [cue the Phoebe plan laugh].

First of all, someone shows up in a wedding dress.


Friends wedding dress

Not only did Rachel Green make her series debut in a horrible, rain-soaked wedding dress in the pilot, but she, Monica and Phoebe all suited up as Barbie Brides for a moment of zen on the couch. Of course, Monica and Phoebe also later wore their own nuptial gowns for their own ceremonies, so suffice it to say, there was a lot of bridal couture going down throughout the 10 seasons, and they should bring that tradition back. Maybe one of the guys should take a turn in white this time.

Then they all squeeze onto the orange couch and drink coffee out of Central Perk-labeled mugs.


Friends Couch

That couch was such a staple to the series that it deserves its own intro credit. It's really a must-have for their stage seating arrangements.

David Schwimmer whips out his keyboard and revives “The Sound.”


Ross Sound Friends GIF

To quote Phoebes, "Play that funky music, white boy." (Note: A bagpipes rendition of "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang would also be acceptable.)

Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. make a cameo.


Chandler with CHick and the Duck

We know that the OG Chick and the Duck dove into fun on "the farm," but if Chick and Duck 2.0 are still off waddling around somewhere, bring 'em on for a guest spot.

We find out if Gunther ever found love or is still pining for Rachel.


Gunther Friends

Talk about unrequited love. Gunther (James Michael Tyler) carried a torch for Rachel for a full-on decade and never stood a chance. At the tail-end of the series, though, he mustered up the courage to confess his undying love of the gal and got sweetly shut down once and for all. We need to know: did he finally have closure after that and move on? Let's hope JMT, who's been there for us when the others haven't, comes in to give us the 411.

Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow finally kiss.


Friends Kisses Rachel and Joey

Whether it was a New Year's peck or in sideways world, everyone else smooched each other on the lips -- yes, even the boys. It's gotta happen to complete the set.

Matthew Perry makes fun of somebody -- preferably himself.


Chandler Jokes Friends

As Roger so shrewdly pointed out, Chandler's jokes are a textbook defense mechanism, especially when he's ribbing himself, but that's why we loved the guy. Never change, Miss Chanandler Bong.

Lisa Kudrow brings Ursula in for a split sec.


Ursula on Friends

After all, Joey never *really* got his goodbye.

They make a major bet and play one last game.


Friends Bamboozled

Poker, Bamboozled, wind-up toy racing, Fireball ... there are a Buffay of choices.

They group-whistle the theme song.

Nobody knows "The Odd Couple" theme by heart anymore, guys.

Everyone spills the beans on which of the six of them has bumped uglies.


Friends Flashback scene

Thanks to Janice, we got the flashback goods on when the characters *almost* knocked boots, but what about IRL? Need to know! And preferably via videotape analysis of who hit on who.

Matt LeBlanc says "How you doin'?"


How You Doin

For old time's sake.

And then they answer some of our most burning questions.


Phoebe Excited

Like, did Rachel quit her job at Ralph Lauren, or did Ross bribe Mr. Zellner with another faux artifact? Did Joey ever move into his room at Monica and Chandler’s place? Did Ben and Sting’s son ever bury the hatchet and become BFFs? Has anyone ever heard from Tataka Kai Ket? Has Emma ever watched her f--ked up birthday video? Or worse, did she ever do a MY EYES over that Ross and Rachel sex tape? Did Owen’s parents ever surprise spill the beans on the twins’ adoption to spite Chandler? Whatever happened to Pat the Dog? How did Joey react to turning 40?

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