Here's How To Make A Killer Sign For The Taylor Swift Tour

We round up the best posters from the 1989 Tour kick in Louisiana.

Bossier City, Louisiana -- Not only is Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour perfect for screaming, crying and dancing (all of which I did on Wednesday night), but it's also got one standout opportunity: the chance to meet Taylor in person.

During the show, Taylor's mom, Andrea, wanders through the crowd, looking for special Swifties to bring to the special afterparty called Loft89 where they'll get to meet Swift. I'm guessing you have to be super energetic and have a good costume, but I'm not exactly sure what Mama Swift's criteria is. Nevertheless, fans seem to think that making a sign and holding it loudly and proudly is the best way in. I went around and rounded up a few awesome ones:

Put in subliminal Loft89 messages, like Kelly Flores, Jessica Miller and Cayachelyn Collins.

IMG_1545 copy

Bright neon is the way to go, according to Rebecca from Texas.

IMG_1546 copy

Mandi Payne went all out with this tombstone, reminding us all that we shouldn't be afraid to get a little morbid.

IMG_1544 copy

Anything cat themed is acceptable, especially when you dress up like Taylor's cats and work in a Twitter reference, like Kerri Murphy and Alyssa Cox.

IMG_1547 copy

Sure, Natalie Vasquez and Kelsey Grizzaffi made a 1989 poster, but their costumes were all the rage. Remember -- mix your sign with equally as awesome attire.

IMG_1543 copy

My girls Holly Templeton, Katelyn Crone, Allysa Levans and Autumn King went all Alice in Wonderland. So pick a theme and go with it!


IMG_1536 copy

When you don't have poster board, use your arms, like Grace Masters, Molly Masters, Klaire Masters and Johnette Kovac. Also, it's an homage to Tay's arm-writing past.

IMG_1535 copy

Blake Butler, Julia Gaston and Audrey Giddens shared this poster, which isn't fancy but still lights up. Hint: lights are all the rage... just bring batteries.

IMG_1550 copy

Break out gorgeous paints like Shelby Jones, Madeline Mills, Tanner Wilson and Claire Buffington did.

IMG_0013 copy

Let everyone have a part. Valerie Castro and Natasha Escareno showed off their joint signs. Brendan Clifford met them in line outside the show and shared the sign love.

IMG_1548 copy

Get punny just like Tiffany Faber and Kyleigh Johnston.

IMG_0011 copy

Fit in a song reference, like Brooklyn.

IMG_0009 copy

Draw stuff on your caps, like Emerson Heflin and Anna Lokey, who just graduated the weekend before the show.

IMG_0008 copy

Patricia and Cody bought each one of those LED lights separately. That's dedication.

IMG_1552 copy

James Dean posters will never go out of 'Style' -- just ask Rylie, Katie and Bonnie.

IMG_1553 copy

ALL CATS EVERYTHING. Andres nailed it.


IMG_1554 copy

Theresa Scott dressed up like Taylor's 'Bad Blood' character, and if that wasn't enough, Aly Campbell and Madison Scott brought posters, too!

IMG_1556 copy

Ashley Smith and Alyssa Holmes also took on costumes of Taylor's past, going for her and Jimmy Fallon's pre-teen characters from their "Ew!" skit. Their sign was Taylor's drawing of a pegacorn.

IMG_1584 copy

Tyler Greenwood, Abby Reed, Amy Fontenot and Lara Harris went for the straightforward approach.

IMG_1557 copy

Ceslie O'Brien and Aimee LaFleur used their posters for well wishes for Andrea Swift.

IMG_1566 copy

Little Bella couldn't bring her posters to the floor seats where she was sitting...

IMG_1570 copy

But the rest of her crew displayed them proudly for her in the 200s!

IMG_1569 copy

If you join forces, like Sarah and Stephen Scales, you just might make it to Loft89.

IMG_1551 copy

Hey, it worked for them!

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