Beyoncé On Why Representation Is So Important In Fashion, Film, And Music

'I rarely felt represented in film, fashion, and other media'

You asked, Beyoncé answered. All new Ivy Park merchandise is coming early next year, and this time, it's in collaboration with Adidas. The music superstar took to Instagram this morning (December 9) to announce the exciting new partnership, and in an interview with Elle, she explained why making the athleisure brand more inclusive than ever was of utmost importance.

"This new line is fun and lends itself to creativity, the ultimate power," Beyoncé told the mag of the new collection. "I focused on designing a unisex collection of footwear and apparel because I saw so many men in Ivy Park. The way they have embraced the brand is an unexpected gift. I appreciate the beauty of gender-neutral clothing and breaking the so-called fashion rules."

But for Beyoncé, representation isn't just important in fashion; it's an essential part of her art as a musician, too. And anyone who's seen her productions, from Lemonade to the six-time Emmy-nominated Homecoming, can attest to that. "For me, it is about amplifying the beauty in all of us," she explained. "I rarely felt represented in film, fashion, and other media." And once she became a mother to Blue Ivy in 2012, she wanted to make sure her daughter felt represented in the ways that she, unfortunately, wasn't.

"After having a child, I made it my mission to use my art to show the style, elegance, and attraction in men and women of color," Beyoncé said. "We are living in a beautiful time of real progression towards acceptance." In particular, she pointed out the progress that's been made by the LGBTQIA community. "Masculinity is being redefined. Women are not competing with women. They no longer strive to be the best female anything. They strive to be the best," she said. "Diversity and inclusion go beyond race."

Behind the scenes, Beyoncé is also making sure that Parkwood Entertainment, her management and entertainment company, actively amplifies female voices. "It's always been important to me to hire women," she told Elle. "I believe in giving a voice to people who are not always heard. One of the first presidents of my company was a woman. My current GM, head of production, head of PR, and other leaders are women. I hire women not to be token voices in the company but to lead. I believe women are more balanced and think with compassion in deciding what’s best for the business. They see the big picture absent of personal agendas. Most women are loyal and commit with 100 percent follow-through."

The Ivy Park x Adidas collection will officially launch on January 18, 2020, and be sure to check out the rest of Beyoncé's interview with Elle for more on motherhood, self-care, body image, and more.

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