Who's Your 'Sailor Moon' Style Twin? Take Our Quiz

Fighting evil by moonlight, on fleek by daylight.

If you were a '90s kid, then odds are you probably know all about "Sailor Moon," the anime about teenage girls who transform into magical warriors and fight evil. But while it might be weird going back and watching that show as it first aired in North America -- gosh, remember all the terrible slang they used to use? -- there's no denying that the team's sense of fashion was totally on point.


Yup, when Serena (or Usagi, depending on how much of a purist you are) and her squad weren't rollin' up to a fight ready to kick Negaverse butt, they were rocking some seriously cute fashion -- and now that the dream of the '90s is once again alive and stylish, you could get seriously inspired by the Sailor Scouts' casual clothes.

But who's style should you try to steal for yourself? Are you more of a pastel-colored cutie like Sailor Moon, or a confident hottie like Sailor Mars? Take our quiz to find out which of the original inner scouts (sorry, the outers are way too stylish for the likes of us mortals to try to imitate) is most like you:

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