5SOS’ Director Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Their ‘Hey Everybody!’ Video

Here are 10 things you need to know about the clip.

5 Seconds of Summer just killed it with their latest video for, "Hey Everybody!"

It's wild, it's entertaining, and it includes some pretty epic scenes that make us wish we could have partied with the dudes on set.

So how did this all come together? Well, we caught up with director Isaac Rentz — the man behind the videos for "She's Kinda Hot," "“Good Girls,” “Amnesia” and “Don’t Stop” — to get the full scoop on “Hey Everybody!"

So here are 10 things you need to know about the video.

They don't need the rich lifestyle.

MTV | Jennifer Rivera


Isaac wanted to show that the rich lifestyle isn't always what it's cracked up to be, but also create a video that everyone can relate to.

"Obviously the song has a lot to say about money, and jobs and struggles that a lot of people experience throughout their lives, but especially when you're young, like how to make money. Do I want to work a job that I don't actually like in order to make money? That's kind of what the video is about. We wanted to show that at the end of the day, the band wanted to just be themselves, but we see them walking away from this really rich lifestyle. They don't need it, it's fun, but it's almost like an amusement park rather than something they really want."

Calum's got some puppy love.

MTV | Jennifer Rivera


When it came time to pick their jobs, Calum immediately went for the dog walker, and as Isaac told us he went "as far as possible into character." Calum, who sported a fanny pack and that amazing shirt, had to walk 10-12 dogs during the shoot, which understandably got a bit stressful.

"There were so many dogs i think he was legitimately stressed out when we shot that, it probably 10-12 dogs barking and pulling him in different directions. I think he thought it was really funny, but by the time we were done, I think he was pretty glad we didn't have to shoot it again."

It's "Billy Madison" Inspired.


Adam Sandler's flick was definitely a reference for this video, which was shot right after the "She's Kinda Hot" video at a mansion in Pasadena, California.

"I don't know if the guys have seen "Billy Madison" because it's been awhile, but I watched that movie right before we filmed this just to make sure that we weren't going too close to any of their gags, but also to see how they dealt with it."

Michael got a wrestling smack down.

MTV | Jennifer Rivera


Two retired wrestlers were on-hand showing the guys their moves for the video, but they got a little too advanced when it came to Michael.

"One of the wrestlers taught Michael a move that was a little too advanced, and they flipped Michael over and he landed on his back, and everybody got really quiet for a second, and Michael got up and he kind of couldn't breathe for a second, and after that we were like let's do kind of cool moves, stuff that we could all handle."

5SOS are not the best segway riders.

MTV | Jennifer Rivera


Isaac said they were all "the worst" at riding the segways, but Calum may have taken the top prize after his literally ran away.

"We had to rescue Calum from his runaway segway. It got caught on his robe and he was falling off of it, but they were so bad. The worst part, in between takes, they would take off and all of a sudden they were gone, in their bathrobes flashing each other and doing donuts on their segway."

Slipe n' Slide

MTV | Jennifer Rivera


The video had one mission: to make the world's longest slip n' slide. Not surprisingly, that took a lot of work.

"We laid down a really long plastic sheet and we must have used 20 bottles of dish washing soap, and we had all these hoses running on it. We were doing everything we could to make it really slippery because even though it was going downhill, it was hard to get them all the way there, but they did a great job. Our stylist wrapped them all in bubble wrap for no reason, and when I saw it, I thought it was too good to be true."

Things got really hot...literally.

MTV | Jennifer Rivera


The guys shot the video game maze scenes on a super hot day in LA, which left them drenched in costumes, but not surprisingly, they still had a great time.

"They were running around in super hot mascot costumes, beating each other with noodles. It was the grossest thing to shoot everyone was so sweaty and disgusting, but once they got started they didn't want to stop. I'd have to yell cut 15 times because they just kept going."

Calum's hanging on the wall.


Isaac brought in a really great artist who drew Calum's portrait in just one hour, and he believes Calum, who had the artist sign it, took it home where he's "probably going to give it to his parents."

The kids were not a fan of Ashton's dinosaur costume.

MTV | Jennifer Rivera


But only because they were told not to be, in fact, they were actually fans of 5SOS, but got really into character.

"They were really excited and they were brutal, I thought I would have to tell the kids to push him around a little bit more, usually child actors are tentative at first, but no. On the first take I was like, 'get off him!' They were beating the crap out of him, but he was so great, he totally loved being in that costume."

The pizza pool party was not a dream come true.

MTV | Jennifer Rivera


One would think that eating pizza in a pool is basically heaven, but not when the pizza has been sitting outside on a hot summer day.

"We ended with the pool scene because everyone was hot and tired and we had this gigantic pizza delivered earlier in the day, and it had been sitting in the backyard all day long and it was so disgusting that by the time we were finished and ready to shoot it, none of the guys wanted any. But one of the wrestlers actually ate the pizza and after he jumped in the pool he continued to eat it even though he went underwater."