Phoenix Try To 'Disappear' On 'Somewhere' Soundtrack

But the French rockers are set to reappear when they start recording new album in 2011.

[article id="1645332"]Phoenix have spent[/article] nearly two years becoming progressively more famous thanks to their Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album. So, when the French group agreed to write the score for [article id="1637333"]Sofia Coppola's "Somewhere,"[/article] they were presented with a rather unique challenge: to make themselves disappear.

"We had to hide our music in something bigger and more important, which was a story, and it was a very nice job just to try to disappear and to blend," guitarist Laurent Brancowitz told MTV News on Sunday at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas. "And it was really easy, because the overall sound of the movie was already very [much] like music, with car engines, and to blend our music, it was very cool. We always fight a lot when we are creating, and this time it was different, it was a really nice adventure."

And in writing the soundtrack to the film -- which stars Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning and opens nationally on December 22 -- Phoenix also began tucking away ideas for the follow-up to Wolfgang too. And they came up with so many that starting early next year, they'll begin working on a new album. Just don't ask them what those ideas might be. From the sound of things, they haven't even shared them with each other. Out of necessity, of course.

"We are going to start the 4th of January, to be precise, in Paris," guitarist Christian Mazzalai said. "We have many ideas, but we keep them in our boots. We are too afraid to destroy them if we say them to you or each other."

And though work is set to begin on the new album in early 2011, fans might not hear it until the following year. Seems Phoenix are taking this whole disappearing thing pretty seriously.

"We are just going to begin working on it and see what happens," bassist Deck d'Arcy smiled. "In our dreams, it may come out next year, but probably not in reality."