Lolo Zouaï Embraces Her Lost Roots In 'Desert Rose' Video

The singer struggles with understanding something so different than what she grew up on

The new video for Lolo Zouaï's "Desert Rose" is here, and like the song that it captures the spirit of, the mesmerizing clip hones in on the feeling of displacement when you're not quite familiar with your surroundings but desperately want to be. In it, the rising R&B-pop singer arrives in a new land and monitors the customs and cultures that define its people. The longing in her eyes lurks just beneath the slight frown that occupies her face, if you look hard enough.

Zouaï is of Algerian and French descent, and the "Desert Rose" of the song's name is "a rose-like crystal that forms in the desert of Algeria," according to the singer herself, which is also "said to have healing properties." Zouaï's emotional tune finds herself grasping for safety in a partner or culture that exists once she crosses the Sahara desert into the country that she has ties to.

In the video, she heads to an unnamed town and revels in its beauty, sailing on the seas underneath seagulls and learning customs from citizens who show her the ropes. While she hangs out with kids and meets others though, there's a pained look on her face that never lets up. By the time that the video ends, she's got clear pools under her eyes as she rides away. She wants to be a part of what she sees and hopefully, she can in the future.

"Desert Rose" appears on Zouaï's debut studio album, High Highs to Low Lows, that dropped in 2019. The LP features an appearance from California rapper E-40, someone Zouaï revealed that she listened to growing up in an interview with MTV News last year.

Check out Lolo Zouaï's stirring new video for "Desert Rose" up above.