13 Times Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Gave Us Double Hair Envy

Bottom line: the girls have every reason to brand their strands.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have built quite the twintastic little empire together ever since they survived Uncle Jesse's attempt to oust them from the "Full House" cast nearly three decades ago.

In addition to their slew of world travelling doppelgänger flicks, the girls have given the world a taste of their fashions, fragrance, cosmetics and more.

And now the sisterly duo is ready to expand their Elizabeth and James brand right on into the dry shampoo market too because, just like the rest of us normies, the girls just hate to wash their hair everyday (fact). 'Cause, yeah, it's the worst.

The move should come as no surprise to those who've been keeping tabs on their mane game, really, because these two have been rocking the locks department and giving us some major hair crushage since the very beginning.

They started their general ownage of the tress treatment regime way back when.

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ABC Fall TCA Press Tour

Even when they were still just a pair of tiny tots running around the set and making everyone in America's hearts swell to twice the normal size, they had some gorgeous hair going on.

As teens, they started experimenting with textures and the results were just glorious.

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2002 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

The matching honey coloring they were working was also divine.

Eventually, they mastered the sultry side part, too, of course.

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Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

AND they started trading up shades just a hair to give 'em just a pinch of distinction. So stinkin' cute.

They've always had a way with waves.

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They had the straight-root scrunch move down pat.

The Twins know exactly how to do the messy mid-part like straight CHAMPS.

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The Last Samurai Premiere

Blonde, brunette -- it doesn't matter. They make it look naturally elegant up top.

They play around with lengths a lot, too.

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Starsky & Hutch World Premiere

And it's always successful. Seriously, though, Ashley's cut here makes us want to call up our stylists right now.

Their updo routines are always loose and fresh.

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The Olsen Twins have definitely mastered the piece pull routine.

And they can make the beach wave motif red carpet ready.

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Los Angeles Premiere of

Their casual is our elegant.

The pair knows exactly the amount of bangs to swoop in with.

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Vanity Fair Party At 2004 Tribeca Film Festival

Their adorable faces are still in full view, but that tiny touch of fringe gives 'em some fun shaping.

Their matching old school curl design here was hawt.

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Colonial cute.

They also really know how to match colors with their clothes.

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CFDA/VOGUE Fashion Fund Awards - November 16, 2006

Switch the outfits here, and it wouldn't work -- but as it is? Perf.

We also really dig it how they make the rolled-outta-bed look so upscale.

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Chanel - PFW Fall Winter 2008/09 - /Runway/Arrivals

They make it look so easy.

And when they pull their hair tight from their face, they literally glow.

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Which basically means that no matter what they do to their 'dos, it's gonna work.

Just take our money now, Olsens. Take it.