Dane DeHaan Tells Us Everything He Knows About 'Sinister Six'

Hint: It's not much.

With reporting By Josh Horowitz

Ever since "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" set up a possible "Sinister Six" movie, people have been asking a ton of questions about the spinoff. Included in those people, it turns out, is the Green Goblin himself, Dane DeHaan, who wasn't even told about the 2016 release date for the movie.

"I found that out by reading the news," DeHaan, the star of the new zombie rom-com "Life After Beth," joked in an interview with MTV News.

Although to be fair, Aubrey Plaza, who plays the zombie part of the zombie rom-com, barely knew anything at all about the franchise.

"What did you find out, there's a new Spider-Man?" asked Plaza.

"Is there like a sexy, purple ghoul or something that I could play?" Plaza asked. "Maybe you could talk to the director, producer, say you have a friend. I could be scary!"

OK, Aubrey, we hear you. Maybe a female Sandman (Sandwoman, sorry), to inject some life into that character? We'd see it.

Other than the release date, DeHaan was as in the dark as anyone. Hopefully he, along with the rest of us, get some info -- other than the release date -- soon.