'His Birth Was A Little Scary': How Kailyn's Fourth 'Teen Mom 2' Delivery Was Like No Other

Baby Creed just made his debut on the long-running show

Kailyn chronicled her fourth delivery during tonight's Teen Mom 2 episode. But the arrival of baby number 4 wasn't like her experiences with Isaac, Lincoln and Lux.

"I'm going to deliver at home, so that's all good news," Kail told TM2 co-executive producer Kristen via Zoom. "When I went to the hospital today, it was super-crazy and intense because of COVID. Obviously, everyone is masked and stuff, but they had tarps everywhere."

Kail explained that "there's no normal birth plan" even with her new arrangement, because her midwife was wearing a mask for an at-home check-in. As for her three kiddos, Isaac and Lincoln were going to be at their dad's and Lux would remain with Kail.

Kailyn's friend Natalie filmed the late stages of the labor, but the birth was not featured on the series.

"His birth was a little scary, but he seems perfectly healthy," Kail reflected. "We chose the name Creed, and Lux loves his little brother."

Several days after Baby C made his debut, he had a successful visit with the pediatrician, and Isaac and Lincoln met their sibling.


"The boys were really loving and gentle and super excited, so that was really nice to see. I don't think that it's hit me yet that I have four kids, let alone four boys," she said, before adding with a laugh, "Four f*cking kids!"

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