Lil Nas X And Billy Ray Cyrus Gallop To The Future In 'Old Town Road' Video

Diplo, Vince Staples, Rico Nasty, and more appear in the bronco-busting film of epic proportions

Lil Nas X's video for "Old Town Road" is finally here and its sheer hilarity and large scale have made it worth the wait. The star-studded five-minute visual isn't just the accompaniment to the viral song: It's a film within itself, a masterpiece of Old West and modern cowboy proportions. It's a magical, tongue-in-cheek look at the world of broncobusters and tumbleweeds and how it differs from the concrete jungle of today.

From the get-go, you already know you're going to be in for a wild scene. Comedians Chris Rock and HaHa Davis are Lil Nas X's horse-riding, bank-robbing compadres who ride with him everywhere he goes. After linking up with Billy Ray Cyrus and getting shot at by enemies, Lil Nas X flees into a magical tunnel that transports him from the world of 1889 to the world of 2019. He races Vince Staples's car with his horse and meets up with a modern incarnation of Cyrus at a bingo hall where Diplo and Rico Nasty happen to be.

The "Old Town Road" video comes a few weeks after he performed the song for the first time on television on Showtime's Desus & Mero. In April, he performed the song for the first time live with Billy Ray Cyrus at the Stagecoach festival. Just recently, CupcakKe made her own X-rated version of the tune, aptly named "Old Town Hoe."

Watch the cinematic video for "Old Town Road" up above, then check out MTV News's interview with Lil Nas X below.

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