Which 'Awkward' Story Will Make The Perfect IdeaBin Piece For Jenna?

The writer needs new material -- ASAP

Upon returning home for summer vacation this season on Awkward, Jenna Hamilton’s IdeaBin pitches were first rejected for lacking enough fiery provocation. Then, more recently, a piece that chronicled her relationship history with Matty McKibben proved to be a little too incendiary. So we’ve gotta ask on behalf of Palos Hills’ ink-slinging Goldilocks: What will make the perfect story for the lit mag website?

On tonight’s episode, Jenna continued to bask in the glow of her IdeaBin hit, which had landed more than 300,000 viewers since its posting. More importantly, the piece had gone over so well with her higher-ups that she was offered an eBook deal for her efforts. It all seemed too good to be true -- in part because it was. While Jenna was uncorking champagne and swimming through confetti, Matty, whom the piece ultimately labeled as a loser (not entirely Jenna’s fault, as her diplomacy was cut during edits), was left to sort through depression.


Finally, though the temptation to leave the published piece as is was strong, and Luke urged Jenna not to bite the hand that feeds her, Jenna demanded the piece be taken down so that she could salvage her friendship with Matty. She lost her eBook deal in the process, and there’s still no sure sign that Matty will forgive her, but she was content with the fact that she was at least temporarily absolved of guilt.

Still, she’s also now absolved of a piece. When Jenna started her fellowship, her submissions seemed too fluffy, and now, they’re too risky and over-the-top. And since Awkward fans have watched Jenna progress from a 15-year-old wallflower to a 19-year-old self-assured writer-in-the-making, we’re going to turn the question over to you: What’s a story from Jenna Hamilton’s past that she should revisit for a perfect IdeaBin piece? Her short stay at Jesus Camp? What it was like to reject a threesome after accidentally taking amphetamines? Teaming up with her enemy to take down a pathological liar? Share your thoughts, and see if Jenna and Matty can get back on solid ground next Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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