Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Says 'Transformers' Will Be First 3-D Movie She's Seen

'I have never seen a movie in 3-D,' 'Dark of the Moon' actress reveals to MTV News.

In case you need more reason to go see "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" this week, in addition to crazy amped-up action and a new lovely leading lady, the third robot-tastic installment is in 3-D. And it wasn't converted in postproduction, like a few of the recent 3-D films out there. Director Michael Bay insisted that his first foray into the three-dimensional medium be as authentic and technologically advanced as possible.

Lately there has definitely been a bit of 3-D fatigue in the air. When MTV News caught up with [article id="1666422"]Rosie Huntington-Whiteley[/article] at the film's worldwide premiere in Moscow recently, we asked for her thoughts on the 3-D element of "Dark of the Moon."

"I will be the judge of that after I see this film, because I have never seen a movie in 3-D," she revealed. "When Michael told me it was going to be in 3-D, I said, 'Right, I'm going to wait,' and now we're here, we're at the premiere stage and I'm going to wait until [I'm in] London and see it with my family."

So when Whiteley finally watches the 3-D version of the film with her family and friends, will she be watching herself on the big screen or watching her family's reactions?

"I'm going to be watching them watching me," she said with a laugh.

Bay has made a big deal of the fact that he initially had a lot of reservations about 3-D, explaining that his buddy director James Cameron finally convinced him to go for it with this film.

"[James Cameron], at the last minute, goes, 'Mike, come on,' " [article id="1662082"]Bay recalled[/article], imitating the "Avatar" director's enthusiasm with a slightly deep and gravelly inflection in his voice. "This is like my idol. He goes, 'Mike, come on, we've done everything.' I'm thinking, 'I haven't done everything.' "

Cameron pushed him to try out this "new toy," and despite all the headaches that were added to the filmmaking process with shooting in 3-D, he's glad he did it.

"3-D, it's pretty great when you see these robots interact in the space," Bay said.

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