Lenny Kravitz Mistaken For Miami Bank Robber

While on a break from the recording studio on Friday, Lenny Kravitz found himself handcuffed and questioned by Miami police searching for a bank robber.

Kravitz told MTV News on Tuesday that he was walking to the gym with his trainer when the two were surrounded by police cars and a canine unit. The rocker matched the description of a man who had just robbed a nearby bank -- black, unshaven, with an afro and wearing green pants and a T-shirt. Kravitz was unshaven, wearing olive khakis and was not carrying ID.

The performer said he was cuffed and questioned for 15 minutes even though he repeatedly identified himself. Kravitz was finally released after police drove a bank employee past the rocker, and the employee told officers Kravitz was not the robber.

The singer said that since some of the officers who detained him were Latino, he is unsure whether he was a victim of racial profiling. [article id="1446745"]"You think that [there

was racial profiling] on one hand, and on the other hand you say, 'Well, I did fit the description somewhat,' "[/article] Kravitz said. [article id="1446745"]"I'm kind of torn between [the two]. But what I need to find out is why I was cuffed first." [RealAudio][/article]

Spokespeople for the Miami Police Department could not be reached for comment.

Kravitz said that he was told he was not under arrest, and that officers never handled him roughly, but still questions why he was handcuffed. The rocker said the officers apologized, but Kravitz is consulting an attorney about possible legal action.

He has since returned to the Miami studio where he is working on his next album.

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